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This part of property ownership abroad can cause more headaches, expense, wasted time and frustration than all the others put together!

Información y cita para Administration

That is why MeHoCa provides a complete financial and administration service for our clients. Our office is fully staffed 5 days a week, summer and winter (8.30 am – 8.00 pm in summer and 8.30 am – 7.00 pm in winter). Our multi-lingual staff handles an amazing range of requests and problems from our clients—from arranging a wedding to obtaining planning permissions; organising the installation of a telephone to translating legal documents. The list is almost endless! Our friendly team will do everything they possibly can to help you. No request goes unheeded because at MeHoCa we strive to exceed expectations—always!

Examples of some of the services we offer are:

Utility bills

All utility bills (water, electricity, telephone, rates etc.) can be sent directly to us. We will check them for accuracy and investigate anomalies. Payments can be made either by direct debit from your local account, or by us on your behalf.
Remember that there are no ‘red reminders’ issued in Spain and the utility companies can be quick to disconnect! Reconnection can be complex, time-consuming and expensive. A hefty fine is normal in addition to the amount due, plus a reconnection charge – 3 to 4 days without power after payment of outstanding bills is very common!

Insurance matters

We can also arrange and co-ordinate your house and car insurance. If you are unlucky enough to suffer accidental damage to your property or car, we can obtain quotations for the necessary repairs and deal with the insurance claims involved.


We can also receive and monitor your local bank statements, checking for accuracy of debiting and crediting and query discrepancies on your behalf.

Fiscal representation

Each year, every non-resident property owner has to submit an official tax return to the Spanish Hacienda (tax office). This is used to calculate your property tax and other taxes for the year. Late submission of the return and non-payment will incur swift and heavy penalties!
Relax! As a MeHoCa client, we will professionally look after your fiscal affairs. We can handle the complete process from the preparation of your tax return to the payment of the computed tax on your behalf.
Our fiscal representation service takes the risk, worry and frustration out of owning a property in Menorca and will ensure you do not fall foul of the law and suffer large fines!