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Cleaning Services

We employ our own teams of trained, experienced and reliable people – most who have been with us for years – to provide the wide range of cleaning services necessary for our clients. Working in teams of three or four including a supervisor, the same team will clean your property each time this vital service is required.

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The team supervisor will have a detailed list of everything that has to be checked at the property. We create an individual checklist for each client property, which reflects its uniqueness. In addition to ensuring the highest standard of cleaning is delivered, the supervisor is also responsible for carrying out a range of checks to ensure everything is working correctly— lights, taps, showers, toilets, main appliances etc. If any maintenance problems are identified, the office is informed immediately and one of our maintenance team will attend at once to resolve the problem.

We naturally provide the fullest range of cleaning services for our clients, including:

Spring clean

This vital major clean before your property’s first occupation is essential to set-up the property for a problem-free season as far as cleanliness and hygiene are concerned. Our deep spring clean service incorporates the de-winterisation of the property and a thorough top-to-bottom deep clean of all surfaces, furniture, appliances, crockery, cutlery, glasses, interiors of cupboards, light fittings and vents etc.

Arrival/change-over service clean

This service involves a thorough clean and linen change plus maintenance check immediately prior to a client / guest arrival.

Interim service clean

We provide a clean and linen change at the end of the first week during a client / guest stay of two weeks or longer. Although a less intensive servicing of the property, there is still the same detail and focus on hygiene, particularly in the cleaning of kitchens and bathrooms.

Maid service

An additional service, available on request, for those clients or guests requiring an extra service visit for cleaning, bed making, light washing, ironing etc. with hours and services to suit.

Winterising your property

Taking place at the close of the season, this service is vital to prepare your home for the rigours of the Menorcan winter. As well as cleaning throughout, mattresses and removable upholstery are ‘stood’; pillows hung on pegs (or sealed in airtight bags along with linen where provided); and fridges, cupboards, wardrobes and drawers are cleaned out and left open. Additionally, electricity and water supplies are turned off and the gas is disconnected where appropriate. Externally, we remove and store all outside lights, sunblinds and any ornamental objects. If not practical to remove them, we wrap them to provide maximum winter protection.