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Our Facilities

Since February 2004 our new purpose-built premises on the Sant Lluís industrial estate have provided us with unrivalled facilities and resources to place at the disposal of our clients, all sited under one roof with more than 650 square metres of floor space.

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Our Facilities

If you are in the Sant Lluís area and are interested in our services, please feel free to call us for an appointment. We would be delighted to discuss how we can design a service to meet your individual needs and to show you around our complex. Come and see for yourself the resources and facilities that we can deploy in the servicing of your second home here in Menorca.

What are the facilities

Office Space

We have over 75 m2 of air-conditioned office accommodation providing a modern, spacious, high-tech environment for our customer service, reservations and accounting staff and a large private meeting room ideal for confidential client discussions and MeHoCa team brain-storming sessions! Plus a large secure key room and an archive room for records storage.

Warehouse & Workshop

In addition to the office areas, we have more than 300 m2 of warehousing— a large general storage area, fully racked to a height of 5 metres, giving us the capacity to store bulk quantities of the wide range of cleaning products, equipment and items we need to deliver the day-to-day services required by our clients.
We also store a full range of hire equipment (see Equipment & Linen Hire), and a wide range of essential plumbing, electrical, carpentry and general maintenance items and equipment that we may need to use in an emergency at a clients property—everything from water heaters, pressure pumps and hoses to tap washers, screws and toilet flush syphons! This means that even if building or plumbers merchants are closed when a property under our care experiences a problem (something very common at weekends and fiestas!), there is every prospect that we can obtain the essential items from our warehouse, restoring hot/cold water, power, stopping a leak or maybe just getting a tap to stop dripping or a toilet to flush! There is also a workshop area within the warehouse, where our skilled tradesmen can carry out various repairs.

Linen Store

Over 60 m2 houses our climate-controlled linen store, full of racked storage space where we keep our own MeHoCa hire bed linens and towels, and those of our clients when they are in transit between laundering and return for use at their properties. This climate-controlled environment is also extremely useful for long term storage, if clients do not have adequate space and/or dry storage to keep their linens fresh and mould-free and to avoid musty smelling sheets and towels!

Industrial Laundry

Within our complex we have an in-house industrial laundry, using the latest hi-tech equipment : industrial-capacity washing and drying machines, steam roller presses etc. This has enabled us to bring the laundering of everything under our control, avoiding the many delays, damage and losses that seem to plague the external commercial laundries on the island! This facility also allows us to provide a level of quality and inventory control not posible before.