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Repairs, Renovations & Redecoration

Menorca Home Care directly employs a first-class team of skilled professionals on a permanent, all-year basis, who can handle any maintenance, repair or improvement work required.

Información y cita para Repairs, Renovations & Redecoration
Repairs, Renovations & Redecoration

This includes carpentry, plumbing, electrics, construction, plastering, tiling, roofing, central heating, air-conditioning installation, and more! If and when required, we can also call on a carefully selected panel of reputable partner companies, contracted to provide additional services to clients of MeHoCa. In connection with property improvements (the installation of new windows, shutters, pergolas, terracing and redecoration etc.), we can obtain quotations and make payments for them on your behalf.

From hanging a picture to major renovations and the construction of a new extension—you can have confidence in the quality, reliability and care of our workmanship.

Also, should you need furniture, soft furnishings, household and garden equipment, these items can also be sourced and purchased on your behalf.